Florabeth Coble

Founder, Lead Program Facilitator 

Flo Coble began her motivational speaking career in 2012, facilitating a social/emotional learning program for teenagers and adults. She has led over 300 workshops in 5 countries and 48 states, and has had the great privilege of reminding over 40,000 people of how powerful they truly are. A Jane of many trades, she is also a hair stylist, registered yoga instructor, and middle school P.E. teacher. Her passion lies in community building, digging deep, going big, and showing her humanity (and humor) to the world. Flo resides on the island of Maui with her husband Chris and two-year-old son, Wilder. 

Kristin Michaels


Kristin Michaels graduated the Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco in 2004. She then moved to Maui where she trained and collaborated with a diverse team of master chefs. Her experience in renowned restaurants, primarily Capische and Il Teatro, honed her fundamental kitchen skills and broadened her preparation techniques.

Kristin is now a thirteen-year veteran in the service industry with extensive experience in fine dining. She is currently a private chef with an expansive list of clientele including restaurateurs, entertainment celebrities, entrepreneurs, and sports figures. She enthusiastically seeks opportunities for continual learning and is versatile with global food cultures.

A few times a year, Kristin volunteers as a guest chef at the local schools. Her love for children and sense of community has led her to explore her other passion, teaching. When she is not cooking, she is a substitute teacher for various grade levels in elementary and middle school.

She resides in Maui, Hawaii with her husband, Jeremiah, her ten-year-old son, Dylan and her two-year-old son, Logan.

Check her out at chefkristin.com


Krysti Kicks 


DJ Krysti Kicks of House Music, First of her name, Mother of Dachshunds, Shaker of Tins, Spinner of Records...you can find her on her show Pick-a-Mix with Krysti Kicks on Mana'o Radio, slinging drinks at The Andaz, or riding unicorns in the forest.